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Wine knowledge with attitude

Wine Classes
and Seminars

Wine Basics 101
Wine and Sensory Evaluation
Basic Vino Italiano
Introduction to the
Wines of Europe
Bordeaux Basics
The ABC's of White Wine

Bordeaux Basics
Become a Rhône Ranger
with Wines of the Rhône Valley
The Many Levels of Burgundy
German or French? The Wines of Alsace

Basic Vino Italiano
Under the Tuscan Sun —
The Wines of Tuscany

Exploring Spain

The ABC's of White Wine
Chardonnay Calvacade
California Classics
Rosés are Hip
Chees, Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

Intermediate / Advanced
Wine Exploration

Wine Consulting
For Private Cellars / For Restaurants / For Event Planners

Private Cellars
Wineitudes can help you fill and manage your wine cellar. Your wine cellar represents a large investment; let us help you get the maximum return on that investment.

Do you have an existing wine cellar and need to determine appropriate drink dates?

Wineitudes will research your wines and report back to you, providing suggestions for when you should drink the wines you have.

Do you need to fill gaps in your cellar?
Wineitudes will help you select and order wines to complement and round out your existing collection.

Are you building a new cellar and need to fill it?
Wineitudes will help you plan for your everyday, short term, and long term wine needs.

Wineitudes will work to establish your goals and a plan of action. At our first meeting we will determine your answers to the following questions:
What are your goals?
What do you want to spend to fill your cellar?
What do you like to drink?
When do you want to drink it?

Wine can be a major source of revenue for any restaurant. Restaurant patrons are ordering wine in greater numbers than ever before, yet many restaurants still have wine lists that offer poor choices or intimidate the average diner.
Restaurateurs must recognize that standard choices for wines—the ones that are easiest for a distributor to suggest—may not be the best choices to highlight your restaurant's food or to maximize your profits.
In the past decade, wine has become more accepted as a part of a good restaurant experience. Patrons have come to expect a good wine list. And a carefully chosen wine list can have excellent suggestions at all price ranges.
Wineitudes can turn your restaurant's wine program into a money-maker.
Wineitudes can:
• Select wine that complements your food
• Design a wine list that explains the wines in detail and suggests which wines work best with specific dishes
• Develop special tasting dinners with a wine selected to accompany each course
• Coach your wait staff in serving and recommending appropriate wines

Partnering with Wedding Planners,
Party and Event Planners, and Caterers
Wineitudes partners with wedding planners, party and event planners, and caterers to make their events great successes by selecting wines that will complement the food and the event.
Wineitudes is expert in matching food and wine. Selecting wines that highlight the cuisine your organization provides will make your events memorable.

For more information contact wineitudes or call 732.517.1474t.