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Wine knowledge with attitude

Most Popular Wine Tasting Events & Topics

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Pair with Flair
Wine As An Investment
Hedonistic Red Wines to Help You Close/Celebrate a Deal
Team Building Events

Non-for Profit Wine Tasting Events
Tastings for Not-for-Profit Organizations and Alumni Groups
Every not-for-profit organization is seeking new ways to entertain major donors and entice new donors.

Is your organization seeking a memorable theme for an event to interest long-term, A-list donors?
A dramatic wine tasting can be the innovative tool your organization is seeking. Plan an intimate wine tasting with extraordinary wines. Your donors will remember the event for years and their checkbooks will come out easily!

Are you struggling to organize an event that will lure potential donors, who are courted by many other not-for-profit organizations?
Plan a stand-out event with memorable wines—prospective donors will flock to it!
Alumni groups will find that wine tastings are among the most popular events. They will lure new members and interest long-term members.

Contact Wineitudes today to plan a memorable event for your organization