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Wine knowledge with attitude

Who is behind Wineitudes
Barbara Anne Hay
Barbara is passionate about explaining wine in non-technical terms. She is a wine person with several years wine industry experience and world-class wine certifications*. Her technical expertise could mean that she speaks "vino babble" delighting in explaining how the soil and climate influence the taste of a wine, but that's not her style.

She is the founder of Centaine Cepages wine tasting club, organizer of the Red Bank World of wine, administrator for blind tasting panels, and wine writer for several local and online magazines where she helps the average consumer make sense of the world of wine. Barbara happily focuses on sharing practical tips that save regular wine drinkers time, money and aggravation. Her whole approach helps people feel more relaxed, confident and adventurous about drinking and trying new wines with a meal.

Through her knowledge of and appreciation for wine, she has a well-honed ability to match food with wine. She believes wine should be considered similarly to a condiment, like salt and pepper or mustard and ketchup. The right wine can enhance the meal, and to that end, she can work with your caterer or restaurateur to select appetizers or tapas to complement the wines in a tasting, or plan an entire wine dinner with wines selected to match each course.

Tastings can be arranged for as few as ten people or as many as 600. Whether you choose a sit-down tasting in which all of the guests taste and discuss the same wine as a group or a more casual stand-up tasting, Barbara will inform and entertain your guests. Her principal goal of every tasting is that all of the participants enjoy themselves.

Barbara has decades of experience in marketing and advertising design, and can assist in promoting events for your organization or retail establishment.

Contact wineitudes for your next event, you will be happy you did!
 We have a passion for wine, because wine has life.  Life on the vine, life while fermenting, and life in the bottle as it continues to evolve and grow with complexity through the years...We take the pretentiousness out of the wine experience.  No wine snobs here! 

* International Sommelier Guild Diploma Program, Advanced Educator Certification, member Society of Wine Educators, member Wine & Spirit Education Trust